Revision Questions

1. ASCII and UNICODE are both used to represent text in computer systems.
(a) Describe one advantage of UNICODE over ASCII.

UNICODE can represent 65 536 charcaters, compared to ASC11 which can only represent 256 characters.

(b) Describe one disadvantage of UNICODE over ASCII.

ASCII can store more memory than UNICODE.
2. What is the 8 bit two’s complement representation of the number –72?

128 – 32 – 16 – 8

= 72

= 10111000

3. Explain why increasing the width of the data bus improves system performance.

The system performance is improved because there is an increase in the number of lines e.g. increasing the lines from 16 to 32.

4. The read and write lines are two control lines. Name two other control lines.

Two other control lines are the reset line and clock line. The reset line is used If the system stalls, a reset would get the system moving again. The clock line is used to synchronise all the operations of the CPU (Central Processing Unit). 

5. Describe how a printer spooler operates.

This is basically a folder on a computer where print jobs are stored until they are ready to be printed.


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