We put a binary number eg 42678 into ten thousnads, thousands, hundreds, tens and units.

A bit can be either 1 or 0. Bits are often respresented in 8 this is known as a byte.

Unit Value
Bit 1 or 0
Byte 8 bits
Kilobyte 1024 bytes
Megabyte 1024 kilobytes
Gigabyte 1024 megabytes
Terabyte 1024 Gigabyte
Petabyte 1024 Terabyte
Exabyte 1024 Petabyte
Zettabyte 1024 Exabyte

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1 Response to Binary

  1. George says:

    wow i didnt know you can get upto a Zettabyte

    Craig burns also has a good description on this

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