Documentation, Evaluaion, Maintenance

Documentation: The main purpose of this is to help people use the program. There are many types of documentation but the most common are the user guide and the technical guide. The user guide expalins how to use the software. It can be produced on paper but now a days more people use it online. The technical guide explains how to install the software and memory reguirements.

Evaluation: The client and the analyst review the software by seeing if it is doing what it what designed to and if it’s fit for purpose. They must evalucate over the original aims of the sotware
Robustness- so it doesn’t crash or break
Reliablity- it works but gives the wrong answer
Portablity- can work on any computer
Efficiency- doesn’t use up too much memory
Maintainablity- can make changes easily and quickly

Maintaintenance: This involves making changes to the software after it has been handed over by the client and enters productive use.
Corrective- fixing bugs and removing the errors
Adaptive- changes to the environment
Perfective- responding the user reguests

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