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Analysis: This is the first stage of the Software Development Process. An Analysis interviews the client about the problem they are having. They both must develop a Software Specification. This is what the Analysis must agree to and if theirs any problems the client can always refer back to the software specification as evidence to what the analysis agreed to.

Design:  This is the second stage of the Software Develop Process and this makes the next stage easier. The point of design is to develop an algorithm, which is a step-by-step guide.    There are many ways of doing a design, top down design, which involves looking at the problem and breaking it into smaller parts this, is also known as stepwise refinement. Another way is a flow chart and pseudocode which is part English and part computer code.

Implementation: This is made easier by design. There are 3 types of programming language Procedural, Declarative and Event-driven. 

Seven characteristics of an implemented program

  • Correct- meets the Software Specsification
  • Maintainable- changes can be amade easily and quickly
  • Reliable-should not require processor time or storage resources disproportional to the scale of the program
  • Readable- has design code that can be easily understood by other programmers
  • Portable- may be adapted to run on computers other than what it was designed on
  • Efficient-should not fail no matter what input is entered by the user
  • Robust- is free of design and coding bugs, correct for all specified output. It should work correctly every time it is run
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  1. Excellent post Ryan, well done

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