Intro to Computing

Real Basic: This allows you to write a program. When you first open Real Basic it looks a bit confusing but you will only need to use certain parts of the program. For example a Static Text, an edit field and a push button are the main parts that you will use. A static Text allows you to name something eg name or age. A edit field is when you would name it the same as what you’ve put for your static text eg NameField or AgeField. A push button simply starts the program and then you write your code.

Programming: This is when you plan something step by step to make it easier. In programming you use Real Basic.

Events: An Event simply means that the program is only run with a certain action for example a click of a mouse or using a keyboard.

Varibales: This is when something changes. For example in a game where you need to get a high score the game will start with a score of 0 when you get points your score will change. For example the game Space Invaders, you start with 0 when you shoot a spaceship you get 100 points, 0+100=100. Then if you lose a life you lose 30 points which would make your score change this is a variable.

Assignment: At the start of a program the programmer would set the variable score to 0 and this is known as assignment because the programmer is setting the assigning the value of 0 to the variable score.


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  1. Mr Cunningham says:

    Really excellent stuff Ryan, well done. I am delighted that you seem much more confident in your understanding this year.

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